Vegetarian Enchiladas

Looking for a delicious vegetarian option? Try our veggie enchiladas: roasted peanut salsa, roasted veggies & melted cheese. Choose between roasted peanut salsa, and chipotle black bean salsa.

Published by Chile Toreado Restaurant

"‘Always be careful with the chile toreados’ is the warning the brothers’ grandmother gave them when teaching how to cook what is now the restaurant’s signature dish. Her recipes and the experience of cooking while growing up impoverished on a farm in Mexico helped expose the brothers to fresh, authentic Mexican food, most of which was gathered and hunted directly from their farm. ‘Our family could afford to eat three things,’ Jaime Sotelo said. ‘Rabanitos, chile toreados and tortillas.’ The roasted, limey, extra-spicy nature of their grandmother’s dish was a natural pick for the restaurant’s name. ‘The flavor in chile toreado is unique.'”

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